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Welcome Our Dear Friends & Guests

We invite you all to visit us on one of our stalls to try our hand crafted triple cooked fries along with a selection of our mouth-watering sauces. We will have a sample ready for you to try upon your arrival so you can decide on your favourite (we will not be held liable if you have more than one!). Keep up to date by signing up to our mailing list to know when and where we will be popping up along with any promotions we may have. We will be launching very soon on a street near you so see you all soon.

Happy Friesday,


What we offer



Original, Brave or Original with a twist? You simply have a choice, make it count!



Bored of just ordinary salt? Then you have come to the right place. We have put together a variety of salts you can season your fries with along with the added pepper of course!



A selection of 15 or more homemade sauces to accompany your crispy fries. You decide on your favourite! Need we say more!

Menu – Come and Enjoy

  • FRIES - Crunch, crunch and crunch! Choice is yours.

    Original, Seasoned with Curry Mix, Seasoned with Rosemary & Garlic & Seasoned with Gravy Mix

    Regular £2.99, Large £3.99

    Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Pink Salt, Black Salt or simply Pepper.

    FREE with purchase of fries!
  • Sauces - Everything Mayo

    Roasted Garlic Mayo, Honey Mustard Mayo, Pesto Mayo, Tikka Mayo, Coronation Mayo, Sundried Tomato Mayo, Horseradish Mayo, Blue Cheese Mayo.

    1 free choice with any servings of Fries, £0.99 for any additions
  • SAUCES - Classics

    Tomato Ketchup, Mexican Ketchup, Sweet Chilli, Barbecue, Tartar Sauce, Cajun Sauce, Mexican Fajita sauce and Chutney.

    1 free choice with any servings of Fries, £0.99 for any additions
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